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RuCo Events, LLC

RuCo Events, LLC strives to make every event, from large to small, a Refined, Unique, and Classy Occasion! Based out of Cobb County, Chandra Cohen beautifully designs and creates in order to make every clients' dreams become a reality.

The Story Behind the Business

Hello, my name is Chandra Cohen. I am married to a wonderful husband, and we share three beautiful daughters. While I have 25 years of experience in accounting, I have several growing passions, one being event decor and creating masterpieces with balloons. I also find joy in traveling, bird watching, and the beauty of animals. 

Picture this, it's 2019 and two sister-friends got together to combine our talents and play around with decor. We purchased a few items and did events for family and friends. We thought that we might be onto something, so we decided to start a business. We were able to name our company with the help of our husbands.

RuCo! The first two letters of her last name and the first two of mine.

We became Refined, Unique, and Classy Occasions! We were so excited about our new beginning, and planned our first major event, a wedding! We took our highs and lows from our experience and were ready for the next one!

Unfortunately, my sister-friend, Shyrona Rutherford, one of the great joys of my life, passed away shortly after in 2022 from cancer. I truly miss her. In January of 2023, I made a decision to honor her memory by starting up the business again. Though I am carrying the torch without her, RuCo keeps me close to her. Now, with the support of my family and friends, I am able to bring my clients the same joy we once created together.

I look forward to making your next celebration a Refined, Unique, and Classy Occasion!

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Chandra Cohen


Shyrona Rutherford

In Her Loving Memory


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